Our Story
Founded in Toronto, Canada over 20 years ago, Geovin has grown into a leading manufacturer of stylish home furnishings of impeccable quality for the North American market.
Vincenzo establishes G&V Furniture, a manufacturer that builds custom furniture and develops a reputation in the industry of consistently delivering furniture of exceptional quality.
Vincenzo identifies a market opportunity for price sensitive dining room furniture.
Vincenzo, together with his son Carlo start Geovin Furniture Inc. They setup manufacturing space in Toronto, Canada and begin producing a large volume of price sensitive dining furniture for the North American market.
Frank Foggia and Vincenzo’s second son Anthony join Geovin’s management team. Vincenzo continues to provide strategic guidance as Carlo leads Sales and Marketing efforts and Frank and Anthony take over the Operations.
Geovin evolves into a high volume producer of dining room furniture servicing retailers across North America. We also begin to transition our operations from being manually intensive to a fully automated process through significant investments into software and equipment (i.e. CNC panel processing, edge banding and routing).
Alex, Vincenzo’s third son, joins the management team in support of Carlo and together they lead Geovin’s Sales and Marketing efforts.
Based on changing market conditions we begin manufacturing higher quality, more fashion-forward dining and bedroom furniture with custom options for designer oriented boutique retailers. We introduce the Zara, Ines, and Pisa collections. We also continue to raise manufacturing standards by switching to dado construction, dovetail drawer boxes, and solid wood tops and frames.
We introduce the Soho, Hampton, Brooklyn and Montauk collections. Over 250 pieces focusing on well made, customizable furniture. We work tirelessly to distribute the line to retailers and interior designers across North America.
We move into a state of the art manufacturing facility in Vaughan, Canada and open a showroom in the up and coming Castlefield Design District in Toronto, Canada.
The introduction of the Downsview Collection, our first collection in White Ash also saw the introduction of metal into our product offerings.