1. The liability of Geovin for any defective merchandise shall be limited to replacement of merchandise or refund of purchase price at the discretion of Geovin.
  1. Geovin will repair or replace, at its discretion, and without charge to the original purchaser, any product or part thereof which fails because of defects in material and workmanship, under normal care, for one (1) year from the date of shipment, with the following exception drawer glides. Drawer glides have a Lifetime Warranty for original purchase.
  1. Repair or replacement of discontinued product will be at the discretion of Geovin.
  1. This warranty does not cover misuse or abuse of product, or damages as the result of dramatic temperature changes, exposure to unusual conditions, or incurred by contact with other products. Geovin has the exclusive right to make the final determination of product misuse or abuse.
  1. Natural colour changes, variations or movements in lumber or veneer products, exposure to extreme temperature changes and direct sunlight may cause color changes and/or surface damage. These are circumstances beyond the control of Geovin and are not warranty issues. 
  1. This warranty is the customer’s exclusive remedy for product defects and does not apply to damage caused by a carrier, Dealer, installer, user modification, or attachments to a product. 
  1. Except as stated, Geovin makes no express or implied warranties as to any product and makes no warranty of merchantability and/or of fitness for any particular purpose.  Geovin shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages or for commercial loss arising from any product defect. 
  1. All complaints must be resolved through the original purchaser.  To obtain warranty service, the purchaser must supply dated proof of purchase. 
  1. Geovin reserves the right to make changes without prior notice in dimensions, design and/or construction, price lists or product literature. 


Geovin does not warrant nor guarantee fabrics against fading, shrinking, stretching, seam slippage, wear abrasion, wrinkling, creasing, staining, running or discoloration from contact with any liquid or alteration in colour and hand due to any finish treatment.  Geovin is not responsible for dye lot differences or any discrepancies in widths of fabric and does not guarantee, warrant, or represent exact matches to cuttings, memos and samples.  Fiber content and/or yarns may be substituted at our discretion.  Fabric sources may be changed without notification.