Our Story

In the 1990’s Vincenzo Di Conza identified a market opportunity for price sensitive dining furniture. In 1996, Geovin was established by Vincenzo and his son Carlo, and a manufacturing space was setup in Toronto, Canada to begin producing dining furniture for the Canadian market. 

In 1998 Frank Foggia and Vincenzo’s second son Anthony Di Conza join the management team to move the company forward. 

In the 2000’s Geovin evolves into a high-volume producer of dining furniture servicing retailers across Canada. It begins to transition its operations from being manually intensive to a fully automated process through significant investment into technology. 

In 2006, based on profoundly changing market conditions, Geovin begins manufacturing higher quality, more fashion forward dining and bedroom furniture with custom options for design focused boutique retailers. Geovin also continues to raise manufacturing standards by switching to dado construction, dovetailed drawer boxes and solid wood tops and frames. 

In the 2010’s Geovin undertakes its most ambitious product introduction with the release of over 250 pieces across 4 Collections. The focus was to establish itself as a company who produced a well-made, customizable product line. This decision would lead it on its current trajectory. 

In 2012 Geovin moves into a new, state of the art manufacturing facility in Vaughan, Ontario. 

In 2017 capitalizing on its hard-earned reputation of being a leading and trusted manufacturer, Geovin makes it it’s mission to identify and build strategic partnerships with key dealers, dealers who understand, appreciate and support brands who continue to manufacture in Canada. Manufacturing in Canada is critical to our Brand and that will never change.

In 2022, never resting on its laurels, Geovin is undertaking an ambitious plan with the introduction of a new sleek and powerful website.  Our objective is simple: to allow you to customize your furniture at the click of a button and in real time.  The Product Configurator, we believe, will be transformational and will usher a new era in the company’s history.